Getting to Know Corrugated Boxes

Are You Shipping in Boxes with Right Corrugated Construction?

Corrugated board is a material that consists of one or more fluted corrugated sheets and flat linerboards. Put together to form a corrugated box, these sheets are an indispensable staple of shipping and warehousing.

Different combinations of flutes and sheets come together to make boxes of all kinds of strengths and weights. They can be designed to meet the specific needs of the customers, whether it’s protection from moisture, shocks, vibration, compression, and more. Let’s learn the various options of corrugated boxes – we can help you find the optimum type for your needs!


3 Ply OR Single Wall Board

3 Ply or Single wallboard is the most prevalent type of structure found in corrugated boxes.

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5 Ply OR Double Wall Board

5 Ply or Double wall boards are usually found in industrial warehouses and are used for stacking boxes because it is more crush resistant. 

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7 Ply OR Triple Wall Board

7 Ply or Triple wall board are the strongest corrugated structure and are often used for storing and shipping of chemicals.


The flutes rating is determined by how large or small the pattern of corrugation is between the walls/papers and thickness of the materials. Here are the common types of flutes.

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We can help you find the right type of corrugated box that will protect your assets/products from the hazards of shipping. Schedule a consultation with our Packaging Specialist who can help get the packaging your need to optimize space, reduce waste and keep your products safe!


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