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We manufacture an extensive range of quality corrugated packing box also known as die punched boxes that are used for bulk packaging purposes. These are used in various industries like telecom, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and more. The corrugated packaging boxes manufactured by us are highly appreciated by our clients for the excellent quality and load holding capacity. These are manufactured from high grade raw material and are available in various shapes and sizes and are custom-made as per requirement.


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Corrugated Cardboard Box

We manufacture a wide range of Corrugated Cardboard Box that are used for heavy duty packaging maintaining their strength and durability, these boxes are extensively used for packing, storing and moving fragile as well as heavy cargo. These corrugated cardboard boxes can be manufactured in various designs and sizes as per your specifications.

Industrial Corrugated Box

We manufacture Industrial Corrugated Box. These are widely used in packing of cargo materials such as readymade garments, printed clothes, soaps, papers and stationary sheets and more. Packaging boxes are made of high quality fibers for packaging of heavy weight materials like refrigerators, machinery, LCD television and others, companies use wooden and fiber packaging boxes. The wooden packaging boxes are durable in strength and can carry heavy loads.

Industrial Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

We manufacture Industrial Corrugated Cardboard Boxes that are industrially prefabricated boxes, primarily used for packaging of goods and materials. We are specialist for Packaging Box Manufacturers In Chakan. These corrugated cardboard boxes can be manufactured in various designs and sizes as per your specifications.

Corrugated Food Containers

We manufacture a variety of Corrugated food containers that are usually used for packaging of food products. Owing to their strength and durability, these boxes are extensively used for storing and moving food products. These corrugated cardboard boxes can be manufactured in various designs and sizes as per your specifications.

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PackSquare Pvt Ltd: Die Punched Corrugated Boxes – Customized Protection and Presentation

Take your packaging to the next level with PackSquare Pvt Ltd’s die-punched corrugated boxes. These versatile boxes offer the strength and protection of corrugated cardboard with the added benefit of precise customization.

Precision Meets Protection:

Die-punched corrugated boxes are created using a custom-made die that cuts and shapes the cardboard into your desired form. This allows for features like:

  • Unique shapes: Go beyond the standard box design and create one that perfectly complements your product.
  • Integrated compartments: Design specific compartments within the box to hold your product securely and prevent movement.
  • Tear-away openings: Provide easy access to your product with perforated or tear-away sections.
  • Handles or hanging holes: Enhance functionality with built-in carrying handles or hanging options for retail displays.

Benefits of Die Punched Corrugated Boxes:

  • Enhanced product protection: Secure fit cradles your product, minimizing damage during shipping and handling.
  • Improved brand presentation: Unique designs and features create a memorable unboxing experience.
  • Increased functionality: Custom features like handles or compartments add convenience.
  • Reduced packaging materials: Precise cuts eliminate unnecessary cardboard usage.
  • Eco-friendly: Made from recycled corrugated cardboard and recyclable themselves.

Ideal Applications:

  • Premium packaging for high-end products
  • E-commerce boxes with unique shapes and easy opening
  • Retail boxes with integrated displays or hanging capabilities
  • Protective packaging for fragile items with custom compartments

Unlock Your Packaging Potential:

PackSquare Pvt Ltd works closely with you to understand your specific needs and create the perfect die punched corrugated box. Here’s how we can help you customize:

  • Design Collaboration: Our team collaborates with you to develop a unique box design that meets your functional and aesthetic requirements.
  • Die Creation: We invest in creating high-quality dies to ensure precise cuts and consistent results.
  • Printing Options: Enhance your brand image with high-quality printing directly onto the box.

PackSquare Private Limited: Your One-Stop Shop for Custom Packaging Solutions

Die punched corrugated boxes offer a world of possibilities for your packaging needs. At PackSquare Pvt Ltd, we are committed to providing innovative, protective, and sustainable packaging solutions. Contact us today to discuss your vision and get a quote for your custom die punched corrugated boxes.

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