Benefits of Corrugated

Packsuare Protects

Corrugated packaging combines structural rigidity with cushioning qualities to protect heavy or fragile contents from damage.

Packsquare Transports

Corrugated packaging is lightweight and clean, lowering shipping costs with fewer trucks, less fuel and lower emissions.​

Packsquare Sells

Packaging sells your product with high-impact graphics that drive brand awareness and product preference to help close the sale.​

Packsquare Recycles

Corrugated packaging is renewable-sourced and 93 percent is recovered and recycled to make new boxes and other paper products.​

Benefits of Corrugated

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Corrugated packaging combines structural rigidity with cushioning qualities to protect heavy or fragile contents from damage.

Cushions products throughout the supply chain

Stacking strength helps to stabilize contents

Using innovative designs, boxes can be right-sized to any product

Corrugated packaging is lightweight and clean, lowering shipping costs with fewer trucks, less fuel and lower emissions.

Maximizes efficiency; minimizes freight & handling costs

Frequently cubes out a truckload before weighing out

Single-use corrugated reduces the transfer of harmful bacteria from one shipment to the next

Corrugated packaging sells your product with high-impact graphics that drive brand awareness and product preference to help close the sale.

Corrugated packaging is a blank canvas for your custom artwork and branding

Corrugated packaging helps to convey information about the product inside

Corrugated packaging tells your brand story

Corrugated packaging is renewable-sourced and 93 percent is recovered and recycled to make new boxes and other paper products.

Made predominantly from trees, a renewable resource, corrugated packaging is the most recovered packaging material

Sustainably manufactured from trees and old corrugated containers

Responsibly managed packaging is good for the planet

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The Ultimate Guide to Corrugated Packaging

Most frequent questions and answers

Ever get confused between “cardboard” and “corrugated boxes“? You’re not alone! While often used interchangeably, there’s a key difference that impacts your packaging choices. Here at PackSquare, Pune’s leading corrugated box manufacturer, we’ll set the record straight:

Cardboard: Imagine a single sheet of thick, sturdy paper. That’s essentially cardboard. It’s ideal for lightweight items like cereal boxes or shoeboxes, but not robust enough for heavy-duty shipping.

Corrugated Boxes: Think of strength and protection! These heroes are made of multiple layers glued together. The magic lies in the wavy middle layer, called the flute, which creates air pockets for cushioning and rigidity.

Here’s the breakdown:

FeatureCardboardCorrugated Box
Ideal forLightweight itemsShipping, storage, heavy items

Unmatched protection and customization await at PackSquare, your Pune-based corrugated box manufacturer. We craft premium, eco-friendly boxes to any size or need, ensuring your products travel safely and sustainably.

Choosing the right corrugated box can be a maze! But fear not, PackSquare, Pune’s leading manufacturer, is here to demystify the options:

Box Styles:

  1. Regular Slotted Container (RSC): Your classic all-rounder. With flaps on top and bottom, it’s perfect for general shipping and storage.
  2. Full Overlap Container (FOL): Extra protection for fragile items. Its flaps fully cover the sides, offering superior stacking strength.
  3. Mailer Box: Lightweight and cost-effective, ideal for e-commerce and small product shipments.
  4. Telescope Style: Nesting boxes that slide effortlessly into each other, saving space and reducing packaging waste.
  5. Half Slotted Container (HSC): Open on one end for easy loading and unloading, often used for displays or retail packaging.
  6. Fold & Tray: Versatile for presenting products or creating custom inserts within larger boxes.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Die-Cut Boxes: Custom shapes and features for unique branding and product protection.
  • Shipping Tubes: Cylindrical boxes for posters, artwork, or long, delicate items.
  • Pizza Boxes: Corrugated goodness to keep your deliveries hot and fresh.

Choosing Your Perfect Box:

Consider factors like:

  • Product size and weight: Ensure the box can handle the load without damage.
  • Stacking needs: Opt for reinforced boxes for heavy stacking or multiple shipments.
  • Closure preference: Tape, glue, or self-locking options suit different requirements.
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly materials like recycled cardboard minimize environmental impact.

PackSquare, Pune: Your Packaging Experts!

With a wide range of box styles, custom options, and expert advice, PackSquare helps you find the perfect corrugated solution for any need. Contact us today and let’s unlock the packaging potential for your business!

Packing your precious items can be stressful, but fear not! PackSquare Pvt Ltd, is here to guide you towards the perfect box size and strength. Here’s how:

Step 1: Measure Your Item(s):

  • Grab a measuring tape and accurately measure your item’s length, width, and height. Don’t forget to include any packaging you’ll use!

Step 2: Consider the “Snug Fit” Rule:

    • Aim for a box slightly larger than your item’s dimensions. This allows for:
    • Cushioning: Add bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or void fill for fragile items.
    • Easy Handling: Leave 1-2 inches of space around the item for comfortable packing and removal.

Step 3: Strength Matters:

Weight of Your Item:

    • Lightweight (<5 kgs): 3 Ply Or Single-wall boxes are typically sufficient.
    • Medium-weight (5-15 kgs): Opt for 5 Ply Or double-wall boxes for added protection.
    • Heavyweight (>15 kgs): Choose heavy-duty 7 Ply Or triple-wall boxes for maximum strength.

Stacking and Shipping:

      • Consider additional stacking weight if boxes will be stacked during transit.
      • For long-distance shipping or rough handling, choose a stronger box than you might think.

Step 4: Know Your Box Styles:

  • Regular Slotted Container (RSC): Versatile for most needs.
  • Full Overlap Container (FOL): Extra protection for fragile items.
  • Mailer Box: Ideal for lightweight e-commerce shipments.
  • Custom Boxes: Perfect for unique shapes and branding.

PackSquare, Pune – Your Packaging Partner:

At PackSquare, we offer a wide range of box sizes, strengths, and styles to meet your specific needs. Our expert team can guide you through the selection process, ensuring your items arrive safely and securely.

At PackSquare, Pune’s leading corrugated box manufacturer, we understand the power of custom printing. It not only elevates your packaging but also strengthens your brand identity. Let’s explore the diverse printing options available:

1. Flexography (Flexo): The workhorse of box printing!

  • Cost-effective: Ideal for high-volume orders with bold colors and graphics.
  • Durable: Withstands shipping and handling well.
  • Fast turnaround: Perfect for tight deadlines.
  • Limited color options: Not ideal for photorealistic images.

2. Offset Lithography (Litho): High-resolution, vibrant colors

  • Excellent image quality: Perfect for photorealistic designs and intricate details.
  • Wider color range: Ideal for showcasing branding and artwork.
  • Slower turnaround: May take longer for production.
  • Higher cost: Best suited for premium packaging and high-value products.

3. Digital Printing: On-demand printing, ideal for short runs

  • Variable data printing: Personalize each box with names, addresses, or unique codes.
  • Fast turnaround: Perfect for quick customization and prototypes.
  • Lower volume capacity: Not ideal for large-scale production.
  • Limited material options: May not work on all corrugated board types.

4. Screen Printing: Bold, vibrant colors on textured surfaces

  • Thick ink layers: Creates a raised, textured effect.
  • Durable: Ideal for outdoor packaging or products exposed to elements.
  • Limited color options: Not ideal for complex designs or gradients.
  • Higher cost: Suitable for specific visual impact needs.

Additional Considerations:

  • Box size and material: Printing options may vary depending on box size and type of corrugated board.
  • Design complexity: Simpler designs work well with any method, while intricate details might require specific printing techniques.
  • Budget and turnaround time: Choose the option that aligns with your project requirements and budget constraints.

PackSquare, Pune: Your Printing Partner

Our expert team can help you select the perfect printing method for your needs. We offer a wide range of options, ensuring your corrugated boxes make a lasting impression. Contact us today and let’s discuss your printing goals!

The question of corrugated box sustainability is a hot topic. At PackSquare, Pune’s leading manufacturer, we believe in transparency and environmental responsibility. So, let’s dive into the facts:

Yes, corrugated boxes are generally considered eco-friendly and recyclable! Here’s why:

  • Renewable Resources: Made primarily from recycled paper and virgin wood pulp, both renewable resources.
  • High Recyclability: Corrugated cardboard boasts an impressive recycling rate of over 80% in the US and Europe.
  • Reduced Waste: Their lightweight and stackable nature minimizes transportation emissions and storage space compared to other materials.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing: Responsible manufacturers like PackSquare prioritize energy-efficient processes and waste reduction practices.

However, there are some nuances to consider:

  • Contamination: Food residue, grease, or other contaminants can render boxes unrecyclable. So, encourage proper disposal practices.
  • Bleaching and Chemicals: Some whitening chemicals used in production can impact the environment. Opt for unbleached or naturally brown boxeswhenever possible.
  • End-of-Life Management: While recyclable, ensuring boxes reach recycling facilities is crucial. Look for certified manufacturers committed to responsible waste management.

PackSquare’s Commitment to Sustainability:

At PackSquare, we prioritize eco-friendly practices throughout our operations:

  • Recycled Content: We use a high percentage of recycled paper in our boxes.
  • Sustainable Sourcing: We source wood pulp from responsibly managed forests.
  • Energy Efficiency: We invest in energy-saving technologies and processes.
  • Recycling Initiatives: We partner with local recycling facilities to ensure proper box disposal.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Packaging:

By choosing PackSquare’s corrugated boxes, you’re making a conscious choice for the environment. We offer a variety of sustainable options and work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Contact PackSquare, Pune, today! Let’s work together to minimize our environmental impact and create a more sustainable future.

Looking for the perfect corrugated boxes manufacturer near me or in Pune? Look no further than PackSquare Pvt Ltd! We offer a wide range of box options, whether you need bulk quantities for your business or just a few for a personal project. Here’s your FAQ guide to finding the right boxes with us:

Q. Do you sell boxes in bulk or small quantities?

A. Absolutely! We cater to both bulk orders and individual box purchases. Whether you need 100 boxes for your online store or 10,000 for a large shipment, we can fulfill your needs.

Q. Where can I buy your boxes?

A. You have several convenient options:

  1. Direct from our Pune factory: Visit us at Charoli, Pune during our business hours (9:00 AM To 5:00 PM). We offer a wide selection of ready-made boxes and can discuss custom options.
  2. Online store: Coming soon! We’re launching our online store soon, allowing you to browse and purchase boxes directly from our website.
  3. Contact our sales team: Call us at +918087804775 or email us at Our friendly team will be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the best box solution.

Q. Do you offer custom-made boxes?

A. Yes! We specialize in creating custom corrugated boxes of any size, shape, and design. Share your specific needs with our team, and we’ll bring your vision to life.

Q. What are your minimum order quantities for custom boxes?

A. Our minimum order quantities (MOQs) vary depending on the complexity and size of your custom box design. Contact our sales team for a specific quote based on your requirements.

Q. Do you offer any discounts for bulk orders?

A. Yes! We offer competitive discounts for bulk purchases. Contact our sales team to discuss volume discounts and pricing options.

Ready to find your perfect corrugated box solution?

Contact PackSquare Pvt Ltd today! Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and high-quality boxes that meet your exact needs.

Selecting the right box for shipping can make a world of difference. At PackSquare, Pune’s leading corrugated box supplier, we want to ensure your items arrive safely and securely at their destination. Here are key factors to consider when choosing a shipping box:

1. Item Characteristics:

  • Size: Measure your item accurately (length, width, height), including any packaging materials.
  • Weight: Choose a box that can comfortably handle the weight of your item. Consider the box’s weight capacity and stacking weight if multiple boxes will be stacked during shipping.
  • Fragility: Evaluate how delicate your item is. Fragile items need sturdier boxes with additional cushioning.

2. Shipping Considerations:

  • Distance: Longer distances typically require stronger boxes to withstand potential handling variations.
  • Shipping Method: Different shipping methods (ground, air, etc.) have varying handling practices, influencing the box’s strength requirement. Check with your chosen carrier for specific recommendations.
  • Environmental Conditions: Consider if your box will be exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, or other elements that might impact its integrity. Choose water-resistant or weatherproof options if necessary.

3. Additional Factors:

  • Stacking: If multiple boxes will be stacked, choose boxes that can withstand the combined weight and maintain stability.
  • Cost: While cost is important, prioritize a box that adequately protects your item to avoid potential damage and replacement costs.
  • Sustainability: Opt for recycled content boxes and recyclable materials whenever feasible to minimize environmental impact.

PackSquare, Pune: Your Partner in Safe Shipping

At PackSquare, we offer a wide range of corrugated boxes in various sizes, strengths, and materials to cater to diverse shipping needs. We also provide custom printing options to enhance your brand and add a professional touch.

Contact us today and let our experts guide you in choosing the perfect shipping box for your valuable items.

Remember: A well-chosen box not only protects your products but also reflects your professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Ensuring your box stays securely closed during shipping or storage is crucial. At PackSquare, a leading packaging box manufacturer, we offer various closure options to suit your needs:

1. Tape: The classic and versatile choice.

  • Types:
    • Pressure-sensitive tape (PST): Most common, adheres with pressure.
    • Water-activated tape (WAT): Creates a strong, tamper-evident seal when moistened.
    • Gummed tape: Traditional option, requires water activation.
  • Pros: Easy to use, readily available, affordable.
  • Cons: Requires proper application technique for a secure seal.

2. Glue: Strong and permanent closure.

  • Types:
    • Hot melt glue: Applied with a hot glue gun, fast drying and secure.
    • Cold glue: Requires drying time, often used for internal flaps or custom applications.
  • Pros: Creates a tamper-evident seal, ideal for heavy-duty boxes.
  • Cons: Can be messy, not easily reversible, requires additional equipment for hot melt glue.

3. Self-Locking Boxes: Convenient and efficient.

  • Types:
    • Slotted cartons (RSC, FOL): Flaps with pre-cut tabs that interlock for a secure closure.
    • Automatic bottom boxes: Fold and lock automatically, no tape or glue required.
  • Pros: Easy and fast to close, tamper-evident, eliminates the need for additional materials.
  • Cons: May not be suitable for all box styles or heavy-duty applications.

Choosing the Right Closure:

The ideal closure depends on several factors:

  • Box contents: Fragile items may require a stronger seal like glue, while lightweight items might be fine with tape.
  • Stacking: Boxes stacked high might benefit from the extra security of glue or self-locking features.
  • Cost: Tape is generally the most affordable option, while glue and self-locking boxes may come at a slight premium.
  • Convenience: Self-locking boxes offer the quickest closure, while glue requires drying time.

PackSquare, Pune: Your Packaging Experts

At PackSquare, we offer various corrugated box styles with compatible closure options. Our expert team can help you choose the right closure based on your specific needs and preferences. Contact us today and let’s ensure your boxes stay securely closed throughout their journey!

What is Corrugated?

Corrugated board is a material that consists of one or more fluted corrugated sheets and flat linerboards. Put together to form a box, these sheets are an indispensable staple of shipping and warehousing.

Different combinations of flutes and sheets come together to make boxes of all kinds of strengths and weights. They can be designed to meet the specific needs of the customers, whether it’s protection from moisture, shocks, vibration, compression, and more. Let’s learn the various options of corrugated boxes – we can help you find the optimum type for your needs!

Common Types Of Wall

3 Ply OR Single Wall Board

3 Ply or Single wall board are the most prevalent type of structure found in corrugated boxes. 3 Ply boards are mostly used in packaging of small to medium products.

5 Ply OR Double Wall Board

5 Ply or Double wall boards are usually found in industrial warehouses and are used for stacking boxes because it is more crush resistant.

7 Ply OR Triple Wall Board

7 Ply or Triple wall board are the strongest corrugated structure and are often used for storing and shipping of chemicals.

Understanding Flutes

The flutes rating is determined by how large or small the pattern of corrugation is between the walls/papers and thickness of the materials. Here are the common types of flutes.

Find The Best Corrugated Box For Your Needs

We can help you find the right type of corrugated box that will protect your assets/products from the hazards of shipping. We are An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and a Corrugated Box Manufacturer in Pune, India. Schedule a consultation with our Packaging Specialist who can help get the packaging your need to optimize space, reduce waste and keep your products safe!

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Uses Of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated boxes are used for everything from shipping to product displays, and although they start out brown they can be quickly transformed with a wide variety of colours, designs, text, and graphics printed directly on the material.

We are An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and a Corrugated Box Manufacturer in Pune, India. For more information please visit our website www.packsquare.inor Contact Us

Benefits Of Corrugated Boxes

The road to success is always under construction and in business only rear view mirror is clear & when you are in a product business you can get affected by some minute decisions like the choice of packaging. Every packaging need can be satisfied with the right material. In the long run, some materials give benefit and some do not. If you are in the situation where you need to decide on packaging materials then you can decide blindly on corrugated packaging boxes. You can proudly package your products in the corrugated boxes.

When you choose corrugated material for your packaging you get these following benefits:

You Get Maximum Protection

When your packaging is made of corrugated material then you get maximum protection. Corrugated material is a three-layered pulp material. It can withstand heavy bumps and pressure. If you drop the packaged product on to the ground, the product will be safe after the collision with the ground.

Your Customisation Will Become Easy

When you use corrugated material for your packaging then you get the maximum facility in customisation. You can get your boxes in any size and in any shape. There is no shape of boxes on earth which cannot be made out of the corrugated material.

Your Packaging Becomes Cost-Effective

The corrugated material is the least expensive. You can get tons of it at a fair price. The labour cost for producing boxes is also very less. If you choose corrugated material for your packaging then your packaging becomes cost-effective.

You Get Great Branding

Applying branding techniques on corrugated material is quite easy. And for brands, corrugated material has proven to be the best. Your brand looks good in corrugated packaging.

Your Packaging Waste Becomes Biodegradable

Your organisation becomes environmental friendly when you select corrugated material for your Packaging Boxes . The waste of corrugated material is biodegradable and does not harm the environment.

Your Packaging Becomes Lightweight

Corrugated material is the lightest material among other packaging materials. Your product needs packaging boxes that is lightweight. It reduces your shipping cost.

Your Packaging Becomes Recyclable And Reusable

The waste of corrugated material is recyclable. You can also reuse the boxes. This convenience brings your company to another level, where your packaging is distinguishable.

You Get Flexibility In Packaging

Any type of product can be packaged in a corrugated box. You can get any design or shape on the box. This type of flexibility in Packaging options is rare. Some materials are good for big boxes and some are good for little boxes, but corrugated material suits for all sizes.  

After mentioning the benefits of Corrugated Boxes, We advise you to sit back on your chair. Think about all the costs and benefits associated with corrugated material. Compare it with all other packaging materials. We bet the weight on the side of corrugated material is heavier. All the rational reasons point only to one direction and it is the choice of corrugated material.

We are An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and a Corrugated Box Manufacturer in Pune, India. To learn more please check our blog on Benefits Of Corrugated Boxes or Contact Us

Benefits Of Custom Boxes

The use of custom boxes is now increasing as almost every company is now offering a versatile range of different presentations against their products. Maximum pinnacle businesses use the custom boxes and containers because these are proffered by the customers and increases the sales.

There are hundreds of styles and designs available in the market – helping the businesses to grow and to leverage the sales. Moreover, the custom boxes offer a wide range of benefits and specially in year 2020, companies and customers both are associated with the use and benefits of custom boxes.

Products Look Awesome

Its product without a stylish custom box appears dreadful – even the simple brown box will win the race against it. The simply examine stylish coloured box with a brand, business enterprise name, contact range, electronic mail, will attract the users. It’s not the end of the story as in 2020, the companies are using high quality graphical and stylish custom boxes to lure clients for the purchase. The colour selection matters, the placement of the logo and the font style even matters. This has explored new dimensions of creativity and you guys witness the trendy shaped custom boxes in the market, soon or later.

What do you buy in real? 

A product that comes with a faded brown style box or a product wrapped like a royal item inside a superclass attractive and colourful box? Well, no one buys the first one. The quality parameters come after the use and the only selection criteria is the design and attraction created by Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom Sizes 

  • The custom boxes can be designed in any length, size and accurate dimension. You can order best fit and tailored sized custom boxes from PackSquare. It not only saves cost, but provides a great fit look to the product. Moreover, the delivery time will be reduced and your product custom boxes safeguard the item in a better way. At the same time, you are seeking out custom box manufacturer. We provide you with enhancing and attractive offers. The custom sizes will help you in the long go, tailored to cut to the actual product dimension and grasping the attention of customers. 
  • The customers find the product attractive- compel towards the sales and our actual graphs will go upwards.
  • The product will get secured by wrapping inside the custom boxes, made through highest standards cardboard.
  • The custom boxes with logo create a branding impact and let the customers associate with the brand.
  • Best for delivery and shipping. This model is ideal for E-commerce stores
  • The bakery’s products are well presented and the boxes keep these products fresh.


In 2020, the world will witness new trends in packaging industry. The custom boxes are evolving with time – from the dark brown structure to the fancy colourful boxes that completely target the relevant audience. Moreover, the custom boxes are now days a tool to pin the sales record, taking the profits to the next level. In past, these boxes were simply used to pack the products only – there was no concept to use them as a turning marketing perspective. 

At PackSquare, we offer a versatile range of custom boxes and different fancy series that are totally awesome. You can send the specifications and believe to get designed the same structured boxes. Send the dimension, your logo, product nature and PackSquare will create a perfect mock-up in 3D structure. Accept the design, and the company will scale its production to a bigger level. Enjoy free shipping and doorstep delivery that will lower down the cost and you enjoy services quickly.

We are An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and a Corrugated Box Manufacturer in Pune, India. To learn more please check our blog on Benefits of Custom Boxes or Contact Us

Why Packaging Is Important?

If you have are in retail business, then there is one thing very important with your product, and that is how you package that product. Quite simply, product packaging has a biggest impact on a consumer’s decision when it comes to buying.

Just think about it, your packaging communicates a ton of things to a ton of people. It tells them about your product, what it can do, how it can be used, what your company’s ethos and values are. It can even show off your creativity and innovation. Basically, your packaging is critical to both your marketing and communication strategies and thus your brand.

Discover the main reasons why packaging is important.

Stand Out From The Crowd

  • It doesn’t matter what corner of the retail market you operate in, chances are it is rife with competition, all of whom are trying to grab the attention of the same consumer by shouting louder. That’s where packaging comes in.
  • Research firms that use detailed planogram software have proved that over 33% of consumers base their decision simply on the packaging. As such, success relies on your ability to stand out.
  • Just look at the liquor industry, where the bottle is often more important than the booze itself. Don’t believe us, just look at these cool bottle designs that have been developed with one thing in mind; grabbing customer attention.

Colour Sways Habits

  • Whether you care to agree or not, the colour used in your packaging play a key role in the demographic you are trying to attract. The reason for this is, the brain reacts to different colour in different ways.
  • The more colour thrown into the packaging, the less sophisticated a product is deemed to be. That is why it is so important that you research what different colour mean and what your chosen audience looks for in a product.

This Is Direct Marketing

  • Your packaging should be associated with your brand and your overall strategy. That is why it is so important to be consistent with your brand packaging and so important you have your logo centre and middle. Both of these traits will encourage brand retention and recognition, and will encourage potential consumers to stop and stare the next time they see one of your products, should that be on advertising or on the shelves. So the next time you have a design discussion about your packaging, think about whether it is selling your brand, whether it could be doing it better, and whether it would attract you.

Packaging Commands Recognition

  • Just pause for a second and think about some of the biggest brand names in the world. Apple, are known for their slick and smart products, it’s minimalistic design, and its simple packaging.
  • Domino’s pizza is known as that pizza company that promises to deliver to you in under half an hour. Coca-Cola is another great example of this. They have been around for years and years and years, and yet their brand packaging has hardly changed at all. The logo, the colour they use, the packaging, and the taste; they have all remained true to their brand, and that is what you need to aim for.

We are An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and a Corrugated Box Manufacturer in Pune, India. To learn more please check our blog on Why Packaging is Important? or Contact Us

Why Corrugated Boxes Are Cost-Effective?

Transporting the product from one place to another is a risky job because the chance of damage product increases to 2 fold. So, in today’s world, 90% of a business depends on the transportation of their products. The transition of the thing from the warehouse to the departmental store has become risky now. Consumer around the world prefers online shopping because of this; the e-commerce trend is getting popularity. The significant thing here is packing. If the product is of high quality and has poor packaging that it means the customer will receive the broken or faulty item. 

If you use a material like plastic or for heavy wooden material as one of an option, but are they cost-effective? Will this packaging be beneficial for your business and the material. The only content on which anyone can trust is custom corrugated boxes. Whether you are running a cosmetic business or a food line, the corrugated material is the best choice for you. You must be thinking why corrugated packaging boxes are the best idea for the packaging of the product. 

Here are the five reasons why the corrugated material is one of the best stuff for the packaging and why corrugated boxes are cost-effective.


One of the best reasons that corrugated boxes is considered a pillar of the package because of its versatility. It can be innovative & adapts various sizes and shapes according to product requirements. Using new ideas and designs, corrugated boxes can have multiple uses. By using this material, you can give life to your imagination. As you all know, there is no end to creativity, so various brands manufacture the corrugated packaging boxes in a manner that they can reuse it several times. You can place the product inside the box, and it increases the shelf life of the article.

For instance, logistics companies use custom corrugated boxes. You can use these boxes for a file holder and much more. By doing this, you can reduce waste. Another example is the clothing brands. Most of the brand uses corrugated packaging boxes for the cloth. This packaging can be changed into the hangers.

Best for Branding

The primary colour of the corrugated box is plain brown, but you can customize it as per the demand. The corrugated boxes not only offer the best protection to the item but also help in branding. This material is simple to emboss or print on to make custom corrugated boxes. Using the company logo and various colours, you can quickly transfer the lifeless corrugated to the most vibrant and meaningful. By doing this, it makes the customer recognize your brand among thousands of other company. Look at the corrugated as the plain black canvas. On which you can transform, with the colours and printing logos.

These corrugated ideas of branding make your item fly off the shelves. The best thing about this material is, the printing cost on corrugated boxes is highly pocketing friendly as compared to their packaging material. 


Why is every brand switching to the custom corrugated boxes? The primary reason is customer demands because now people are aware of global warming. They prefer packing, which is 100% recyclable. For the user, it brings several advantages. It is effortless to dispose of this material because it doesn’t require any special treatment. Do you know the beautiful corrugated box with handles or corrugated window package consists of 90% of recycled material? And they reuse the same content several times. By doing this, they are reducing waste and helping Mother Nature. So, Get Corrugated Boxes for your business, because it does not only attract the customer but also cost-effective.

Reduce Transportation Cost

Do you know the corrugated material is lightweight? The lightweight corrugated boxes don’t add much to the product’s net weight. Because of this property of corrugated material, it is easy to carry the product. It is also pocketing friendly because you do not only save on the weight but also the fuel. If you keep on fuel, the cost of transportation also reduces. Here less consumption of fuel is offering the other benefit that is reducing the carbon footprint.

Offer The Best Protection

The corrugated boxes offers the best protection to products packed inside. The product boxes wholesale manufactures incorporate a layer of flutes in two thick sheets. By doing this space creates, which reduces the impact of jerk and pressure. This material also protects the product from moisture and another external effect. So this material is best when transporting the product or delivering the item to the customers.

If you want something pocket friendly and useful for the packaging, then corrugated carton boxes are the best. Corrugated Boxes ManufacturingPackSquare is there to customize the packaging as per your requirements, and We are striving to offer you the best packaging solutions to you.

We are An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and a Corrugated Box Manufacturer in Pune, India. To learn more please check our blog on Why Corrugated Boxes Are Cost-Effective? here or Contact Us

PackSquare Products

We manufacture all types of corrugated boxes. Here’s a full list of products.

Bakery and Cake Shop

Packaging of bakery products is very important, because bakery products are meant to be preserved for a long time from the date of its manufacturing. Attractive food packaging also increases sale & appetite. 

Types of Corrugated Boxes Used In Bakery Industry: Cake Boxes, Cupcake Boxes, Donut Packaging Boxes, Cream Roll Boxes, Pastry Boxes, Bread Boxes, Confectionary Boxes & More.

Electronics Industry

Packaging in electronics industry protects the products from external damage caused by moisture, heat, pressure, etc. 

Types of Corrugated Boxes Used In Electronic Industry: LED Tube Light Packaging Box in Pune, LED Bulb Packaging Boxes, LED Panel Packaging Boxes, LED Strip Packaging Boxes, Extension Board Corrugated Boxes, UPS Corrugated Box, Table Fan Corrugated Box, CCTV Corrugated Boxes, DVR Corrugated Boxes, Cartridge Boxes, Speaker Corrugated Boxes, LED TV Corrugated Boxes, Hair Dryer Corrugated Boxes, Trimmer Corrugated Boxes & More. 

FMGC Industry

The packaging is vital to the FMCG market as it is an essential element for the proper positioning of the product. This serves as an important medium for communication and a tool for brands to distinguish product appearance from that of their rivals. 

Types of Corrugated Boxes: Biscuit Corrugated Boxes, Chocolate Corrugated Boxes, Edible Oil Corrugated Boxes, Hair Oil Corrugated Boxes, Chips Corrugated box, Tea Corrugated Boxes, Namkeen Corrugated Boxes, Farsaan Corrugated Boxes, Sweets Corrugated Box, Cosmetic Corrugated Box, Pizza Boxes Manufacturer in Pune, Cold Drink Boxes, Water bottle Boxes, Chicken Boxes, Egg Boxes manufacturer in Pune, Butter Boxes, Cheese Boxes, Ghee Boxes, Perfume Boxes, Footwear Corrugated Boxes, Masala Boxes, Pickles Corrugated Boxes, Fruit Jam Corrugated Boxes, Syrup Corrugated Boxes, Toothpaste Boxes.

Engineering Industry

Types of Corrugated Boxes: Nut Bolt Boxes Manufacturer in Pune, Magnet Boxes, Heating Rod Boxes, Industrial tool Boxes, Metachem Corrugated Boxes.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies design a special type of packaging which prevents the containment of product & also prevent the active substances in medication from getting into your food or hands when handling the product. 

Types of boxes in Pharmaceutical Industry: Liquid Medicine Boxes, Tablet Boxes, Antiseptic Cream Boxes, Eye drop Boxes, Sanitizer Corrugated box Manufacturer in Pune, Floor Cleaner Boxes and Syringe Boxes, Surgical Gloves Boxes, Disposal Apron Boxes, Face Mask Boxes, PPE Boxes.

Textile Industry 

It is an important part of the garment manufacturing process. Garment packaging is also used to gather lots of attention from the customer. 

Types of boxes used in Textile Industry: Shirt Boxes, Shirt Inner Sleeve, Thread Boxes, Saree Boxes, T-Shirt Box, Hosiery Box.

Stationery Products

Creative packaging solutions for stationery and art supplies turn shopping into an enjoyable experience and achieve maximum impact for your products at the point of sale. 

Types: Pencil Boxes, Crayon Boxes, Notebook Corrugated Boxes, Compass Boxes, Stapler & Pin Boxes.

Electrical Parts

Electric Switch Boxes, Extension Board Corrugated Boxes, PVC Wire Corrugated Boxes, MCB Boxes.


Crockery Corrugated Boxes, Tawa Corrugated Boxes, Pan Corrugated Boxes, Pressure Cooker Corrugated Boxes, Dinner Set Corrugated Boxes, Tiffin Corrugated Boxes, Slicer Corrugated Boxes, Water Bottle Corrugated Boxes.

Home Appliances 

Types of Corrugated Boxes: Air Conditioner Corrugated Boxes, Mixer Corrugated Boxes, Kitchen Stoves Corrugated Boxes, Water Heater Corrugated Boxes. 


Water Filter Corrugated Box, Heavy Metal Products Corrugated Boxes, Liquor Corrugated Boxes. 

Agro Industry

Mushroom Corrugated Boxes, Corn Corrugated Boxes, Seed Corrugated Boxes, Fertilizer Corrugated Boxes, Fruits & Vegetable Boxes.


In E-Commerce the proper packaging also helps in creating a strong brand identity. 

Types: Product Delivery Boxes, Food Delivery Boxes Manufacturer in Pune, Mailer Corrugated Boxes, Electronic Appliance Delivery Boxes & More.

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Types Of Corrugated Boxes & Uses

The origin of corrugated boxes goes back to 19th century, but not until 20th century the “modern” corrugated box came into being. Today, these boxes made from corrugated kraft paper have become synonymous to packaging and shipping and it is unimaginable to see our world without corrugated Boxes.

Corrugated boxes come in various types which are majorly governed by factors such as flap style, strength and uses. 

Here are a few common types of corrugated boxes that are used in our day to day life:

Half-Slotted Container (HSC) – 0200 

Made from one piece of kraft paper sheet, the half-slotted type corrugated box is the simplest in design. Two flaps at the top and Two at the bottom are half the box’s width which makes it ideal for small and light weight stuff. The two flaps can be secured by pasting over the paper tape/BOPP tape on the closing edges of the flaps. There are no inner flaps in half-slotted boxes.

Regular Slotted Container (RSC) – 0201

Regular slotted boxes are the most common types of corrugated boxes which are used. There are two width-wise inner flaps in addition to the length-wise flaps making them a better version of the half-slotted boxes. The four flaps provide extra strength at the bottom thus heavier items can be packed in these regular slotted boxes. 

Center Slotted (CS) – 0204

An enhanced version of the regular slotted box is the center slotted box. The width-wise inner flaps are long enough to meet when closed as well as the length-wise flaps, making all the four flaps meet at the center. 

Overlap Slotted Container (OSC) – 0202

A regular slotted box is turned into an overlap slotted box when the length-wise flaps are of the same width as of the corrugated box, making one of them overlap the other. The flaps can be secured by taping or stapling on the closing edges. 

Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL) – 0203 

To add some more strength to the corrugated box which can hold heavier items, full overlap slotted boxes are used. The size of all the four flaps are similar, thus once the box is closed, the flaps overlap each other. The thickness added by overlapping provides greater strength to the base as well as the top of the corrugated box. These are ideal for heavy items such as refrigerators and washing machines boxes.

Die Cut Corrugated Container – 0215, 0216

Die cut corrugated boxes are custom made as per requirement. The flaps at the bottom are die cut which are to be folded as such as one flap snaps into the slots of the other making a lock. The top enclosures for such boxes can be either be flaps (slotted) or can be tuckin top.

Full Telescopic Design Style Container (FTD) – 0301

Telescopic corrugated boxes have a separate bottom and a separate top (lid) which fits on the bottom. Variations such as simple trays, infold and out folds trays can be done. These boxes are best used to store and carry footwear’s.

Double-Cover Container (DC) – 0310

Suitable for tall and heavy products like machines which are difficult to lower into a box, double-cover boxes are Three-part boxes: a cap, a top, and a bottom. The top and bottom are interchangeable and are partially telescopic corrugated box.


Folder boxes are made of one piece of kraft paper sheet, and the bottom is hinged to form not only the two side walls but the top cover as well. Top enclosure such as tuckin top or locking tabs can also be introduced in this. The classic example of a folder box is a pizza box/cake box. There can be variations in folding the boxes like extending the bottom on the other side to form the second flap.


A wraparound corrugated box is made of a single sheet. The folding and sealing a wraparound are done by equipments. Just like folder boxes, the bottom forms the enclosing hood which is mostly a tuckin top. Two flaps extend sideways on each side, with one from the bottom and the other from the hood/top. Once the box is closed, both the slide flaps are supposed to join. A perfect specimen of a wraparound box could be a cake box.

Here are the three advantages of using corrugated boxes for packaging:

Maximum Protection

The most vital aspect of shipping/transporting a products is protection. No one wants to incur losses due to damage to goods in transit. Corrugated boxes are the best option for packaging, especially fragile goods such as glassware. This is due to the fact that corrugated boxes provide a very stable cushion for the goods. This cushioning in turn keeps the products safe during transportation no matter what the distance is, shipping, and even the handling. Also, you can get corrugated boxes in different sizes and thicknesses depending on how fragile the goods are please check our website for more information.

Other than preventing breakages, corrugated boxes also prevent food-stuff from getting damaged by keeping the moisture away. The three layers of paper in these corrugated boxes also come in handy when goods need to be refrigerated as they need a double layer of packaging to keep them fresh over longer distances & time.


PackSquare can help you provide custom boxes to fully fit your business’s shipping needs. The thickness of the boxes can be customized as per your requirement; and more coatings, treatments, and adhesives can be added to the corrugated boxes. Furthermore, the boxes can be made flame-resistant.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable

Corrugated boxes are among the cheapest packaging materials available. The manufacturing process is not labour intensive, making them affordable & cost-effective. An add-on benefit of these corrugated boxes is that they can also be easily folded and stored away for later use.

Purchasing packaging materials can be a tedious process if you haven’t gauged your exact packaging needs; connect with us at PackSquare to help you out with it.

We are An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and a Corrugated Box Manufacturer in Pune, India. To learn more please check our blog on Types Corrugated Boxes & Their Advantages here or Contact Us

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