Corrugated boxes for eCommerce

Packaging your product in corrugated boxes for eCommerce?

To ensure your package can navigate the e-commerce supply chain. Whether you’re packaging by the case or individually, nothing safely moves a product from point A to point B more effectively or efficiently than corrugated packaging boxes. Specifically engineered to protect and cushion products along their journey, corrugated boxes for eCommerce are the perfect package for distribution and e-commerce. In fact, more than 90% of the goods consumed in India are packaged and transported in corrugated packaging.

Corrugated boxes for eCommerce

Why corrugated boxes for eCommerce are important?

  • E-commerce has changed the distribution process of the products & now it’s moving more of them directly to consumers in corrugated boxes, sometimes bypassing the brick-and-mortar retail stores.
  • The Supply chain operations are changing quickly to accommodate new technologies and fulfilling the promise of increased accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with corrugated boxes for eCommerce.
  • Customer satisfaction depends upon a highly efficient distribution channel and packaging that delivers the right product to the right destination at the right price – and in pristine condition with corrugated boxes.
  • Consumers want to feel good about their purchases and businesses are increasingly focused on doing the right thing to earn their trust and be stewards of the environment by choosing corrugated boxes for eCommerce.

Corrugated boxes have always been the predominant packaging & shipping container trusted to transport any kinds of products from manufacturer to distribution center to wholesaler and retailer. The retailers have played a important role in building corrugated recovery for recycling to an amazing 85 percent of production – enormously better than any other packaging material on this planet.

The fact is, while more boxes are now visible to consumers with ecommerce, showing up on their doorsteps, less corrugated is being used to deliver products to retailers. The amount of corrugated packaging is being produced is quite stable and still below its peak production volume. 

So, the good news is, the growth of e-commerce is not increasing the number of corrugated boxes going to waste.

Corrugated boxes for eCommerce

Why is this important? 

When considering sustainability, corrugated packaging boxes are truly a guilt-free and responsible choice. Ninety percent of it is successfully recycled to make new paper products and that has been true for several years now. As the corrugated recovery rate consistently exceeds that of all other packaging materials, the industry’s overall environmental footprint also continues to improve.

Why us?

PackSquare is the largest manufacturer and supplier of corrugated boxes for eCommerce in Pune, India. PackSquare’s Corrugated Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, and Carton boxes are largely used by eCommerce stores, start-ups, online businesses, and large manufacturers for packing storing, shipping, and moving their products to the supply chain. PackSquare offers customized printing solutions to meet online business needs. You can also buy 3 ply corrugated boxes, 5 ply corrugated boxes, and corrugated rolls from PackSquare for packing & shipping your products in corrugated boxes for startups. 

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